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Welcome to the AMP find my shares search facility. This is an easy way for you to reconnect with your AMP shares.

There are a number of reasons why we may have lost touch.

  • you may have moved and not notified us
  • your email address is no longer valid
  • the bank account on your shareholding is no longer valid.

Shares were issued to AMP Life Insurance policy holders in 1998 when the company demutualised. Shares were NOT issued to superannuation policy holders.

To find your shares, please click on the FIND MY SHARES button and follow the prompts. If you are searching on behalf of another person, you will need their name and date of birth to conduct the search.

If you know your holder number/SRN, you can access details of your shareholding by visiting Computershare’s ‘Investor Centre’ website:

About this online search:

  • Search using your holder number (SRN/HIN); or
  • Search using your name and date of birth.
  • You can use this facility to search for AMP Limited, or AXA Asia Pacific shares (merged with AMP in 2011).
  • If you have an AMP or AXA policy number, this can assist to verify your details.
  • You can use this facility to search for shares for a family member or associate. Please provide all the information you can to help us reconnect shares with the rightful owner.

Reconnecting you with your lost shares

Perform a search using our online search facility. Click the 'FIND MY SHARES' button above.

If we find a match you will be sent a confirmation email with instructions on the next steps.

You may need to provide proof of identity to confirm you are a match with our records.

If further assistance is required a member of the AMP Investor Relations team will be in contact with you.


How do I find my SRN/HIN - Holder number?

You can find your holder number, otherwise known as a shareholder reference number (SRN) or holder identification number (HIN), on any of your shareholder statements. Your number typically appears under the 'contact details' box and starts with the letter I, N, L or X followed by 10 numbers.

SRN Example

The owner of the shares has passed away. How do we locate their shares?

We want to make the process of managing a deceased estate as easy as possible for you. Please complete as much information as possible on the application form and provide any supporting documents such as death certificate or power of attorney. We will then contact you about managing estate shares.

We have a jointly owned shareholding which needs to be changed to individual ownership. How do we change this?

Joint shareholdings can be separated into individual holdings or transferred to one person. Please complete the application form and provide as much information as possible, including any supporting documents about ownership of the asset. The investor relations team will then contact you about the next steps in changing ownership.

I have changed my name. How do I update my shareholding?

Please complete the application form and provide proof of your new name, such as a photo of your licence or other document which shows your correct name and date of birth. We will then contact you about updating the details on your shareholding.

How do I get my dividends owed to me?

If there are dividends owing to you, once we have confirmed ownership, the AMP investor relations team will contact you about monies owed and how we can pay these to you. AMP only pays dividends by direct credit into an Australian, New Zealand or UK bank account.

I have two, or more, AMP shareholdings - how can I consolidate them?

If you have multiple shareholdings, once we validate your ownership we will provide information on how to merge your shareholdings. If your shares are managed by a broker (X holding), they will have to complete this for you, once we have verified ownership.

I want to sell these shares. How can I do that?

Once we have verified ownership and updated your details, you will be able to trade your shares on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) or New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX). You will need to engage the services of a broker, which most of the major banks operate. Details about selling shares are on our website at

I thought I had sold my shares, but the search shows that I still own some. How has this happened?

If you owned shares and received dividends through the reinvestment plan (shares not cash payments), you may have ended up with residual shares following a dividend payment. Please complete the application process and we can then advise you on the number of shares you own.